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Before proceeding with registration you must read and accept completely all provisions of this Agreement between you and VinylMp3.Net. If you don't accept either of provisions herein you are not authorized to proceed with registration and have to leave the site immediately. By proceeding with registration you confirm that you have completely read and accepted this Agreement.

1. Registration
1.1. For adequate work with VinylMp3.Net you should complete registration. When registering you should fill in your personal data: your Name, Second Name, e-mail. You agree to submit the above personal information. You can change your registration at any time in section . Pursuant to Confidentiality Agreement we guarantee that this information will not be disclosed to any third parties (except for the cases specially agreed).
1.2. Upon successful completion of registration your Personal Account will be opened on the site.
1.3. You undertake not to pass on your VinylMp3.Net login data to any third parties. The user is liable for the damage incurred due to the passing on of the personal login data to the third parties allowed by registered user.
1.4. You can terminate your registration on VinylMp3.Net at any time. In case of termination of your registration the reminder of your Personal Account is not refundable. No other money is refundable, the losses are not payable (except for the cases specified in section 3.6).

2. Copyright notice
2.1. All compositions and phonograms are available on VinylMp3.Net on a basis of corresponding agreements with the copyright owners and copyright and allied rights collective management organizations.
Free Licence
 2.2. Our services are intended for personal use only. Any commercial use of ((any files downloaded here) if your order concern a digital product!!!) from is prohibited.

3. Payment
3.1. Services rendered by VinylMp3.Net are subject to payment. Services are payable before instant use (prepayment).
3.2. Upon payment the amount paid is credited to your Personal Account on VinylMp3.Net for further charging as necessary: payment for files, payment for additional services (currently unavailable).
3.3. Tariffs and payment methods currently available are specified in section. We retain the right to alter the tariffs at any time as we may consider appropriate without prior notification.
3.3.1. So you just place an order on VinylMp3.Net and here at your disposal no less than 6 modes of payment: credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express card), MoneyBookers, PayPal,  Western Union, gift VinylMp3.Net gift Coupon Group, Credit ... You will be able to choose what suits you best!
3.4. In case you refuse from farther use of our services, the money prepaid is not refundable (except as set forth in section 3.6).
3.5. VinylMp3.Net retains the right to change payment conditions for the services as well as the tariffs.
3.6. Refunding:
  a) Only payments made from paypal  are refundable
b) The entire amount of transaction is subject to be refunded. Partial refunding is not allowed.

4. Procedure of provision and conditions on the use of the files
4.1. We do not guarantee that your equipment (hardware, software, communication channel, etc.) will be suitable for the work with our site. You have to make sure your equipment is compatible with our services.
4.2. We retain the right to suspend or to cancel any of the services available at any time. Some files being available may become inaccessible (if 2.2. ref). We retain the right to make changes to the inventory of VinylMp3.Net at any time and without notice.
4.3. Composition paid (purchased) by the user can be downloaded only once.
4.4. Receiving (downloading) of files should be made in one stream, number of files simultaneously downloaded is not limited.
4.5. Your purchased tracks will be kept in the archive during three months. After this time all information of your purchases will be deleted automatically. So the purchased tracks cannot be download if you buy them more than three months ago. You need buy them once again.
4.6 This is only for digital orders ( if  the order concern a digital order)...
4.7.7 - All physical orders will be delivered to your adress in 7 days  (including weekend days...) except (4.6)

5. Subscribers' service
5.1. You realize and agree that we are solely responsible for support, assistance and possible trouble shooting in relation with your Account. You agree not to address your questions to anyone else and not to ask for assistance from any third parties.
5.2. All your questions should be addressed to our subscribers service at support@VinylMp3.Net or through the form available on the site. No telephone customer support is available.
5.3. We do make all reasonable efforts to maintain the site operational. However, possible technical troubles may result in temporary malfunctions. We will do our best to give you 24 hour notice in case presumed malfunction is expected to last for more than three hours.

6. Disclaimer
6.1. Responsibility in connection with the use of VinylMp3.Net services is regulated by the Liability Limitation Agreement.

7. Termination of the Agreement
7.1. You may refuse from our services and terminate this Agreement by making notification to the subscribers' service. The money credited prior to the termination of the Agreement are not refundable (except as stipulated by section 3.6 above).
7.2. We retain the right to block or to close your Account at any time and for any reason (with or without prior notice). We retain the right to terminate our services to you at any time (with or without notice).

8. General Provisions
8.1. All information you submitted to us will be handled in accordance with our Confidentiality Agreement.
8.2. Your acceptance of this Agreement means that you agree to receive e-mail messages we may send concerning changes in this Agreement and services you are subscribed for.
8.3. In case any of provision herein is in conflict with Russian Federation Law such a provision is deemed to be excluded and the reminder provisions remain in force.

9. Amendments and addenda to the Agreement
9.1. We retain the right to review provisions of this Agreement unilaterally and at any time. In case we made significant changes herein we will inform you via e-mail. Provided you found you disagree with any single point hereof you should by obliged to terminate you registration on our web site. In case you continue to enjoy our services having received notification on changes you thus confirm your acceptance of such changes.

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