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This Confidentiality Agreement gives details on how does the VinylMp3.Net collects and keeps your personal information when you are using our services. Before proceeding with registration on our web site, you should read and completely confirm your consent with all of the provisions of this Agreement. If you are disagreed with either one provision herein you are not entitles to continue registration and must leave the site. Having proceeded with registration you thus confirm that you have completely read and understood this Agreement and confirm you consent with all of the provision hereof.

1. Why do we need personal information
VinylMp3.Net collects personal information in order to be able to provide all of the users with effective technical support, to report the news, inform you about updates and special offers, and to monitor downloads of the content to secure payment of royalties to the corresponding copyright holders. Having been registered, you confirm your consent to receive our service related messages from us. We will never disclose or pass your personal information to any third parties without your prior written consent, except in cases described in section 3 below.

2. What personal information is required and how it is being used
2.1. Registration information. To begin using the VinylMp3.Net web site all the users must register. Following personal information will be required in the process of registration: your name, your family name, your e-mail. The information is submitted through the safe SSL (https) connection. We guarantee, that this information will never be made available to the third parties except in cases stipulated in section 3 hereof. You can change your personal registration information at any time in section .
2.2. Financial information. In order to enable payment of our services the users must provide information about payment means (credit cards, etc.) to the companies in charge of payments transfers. This information is submitted through the secured connection on the web sites of these companies. We emphasize that no information on payment means you are using is available to us. However, we undertake to keep safe and confidential any other financial information of our users (such as information about payment made). When making payments, please, read safety and confidentiality provisions available directly on the sites of corresponding companies.
2.3. Cookies. Just like a majority of commercial web sites we use cookies. Disabling of cookies may result in inaccessibility of some parts of the site requiring authorization. We protect information contained in cookies in the same way thoroughly, as we do with respect to any other information you submit to us.
2.4. IP-address. As the majority of commercial web sites we collect statistical data about IP-address of our visitors. This information is used solely with the purpose of detecting and fixing of technical problems. IP-address related information may be used as well with the purposes on controlling of legitimateness of financial transactions being made.
2.5. Other personal information. It is in our interests to keep safe and secured any information submitted by VinylMp3.Net users. To this end, any other personal information (such as the browsers and operation systems used, content download history, state of the account, etc) is also kept confidential and will never by disclosed except in case stipulated in section 3 below.

3. When we are able to disclose you personal information to the third parties.
3.1. In some cases pursuant to licensing agreement the VinylMp3.Net may be requested to provide your personal information to the copyright owners. In this case some of your personal information may be made available to the copyright holder.
3.2. VinylMp3.Net may disclose your personal information in cases stipulated by the Law of FBI U.S.A.

4. Release from responsibility
VinylMp3.Net web site may contain links to the third parties' web sites. VinylMp3.Net shall not be responsible for operation and contents of such web sites, as well as for possible damage arising in connection with the use of such web sites.

5. Amendments and addenda to this Agreement.
We retain the right to alter conditions of this Agreement at any time and at our own discretion. In case you found you disagree with any provisions hereof you should immediately terminate your registration on our web site.
6. Cancelation Retraction
100% refund for cancellations with 72 hours notice. 50% refund within 24 hours. 0% refund if less than 24 hours notification.SVP Contact us by email for any cancellation. 



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